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Voting Rights

Share Holder Trigger Point Overdraft resp. Shortfall Shares in Percent
Prof. Dr. Volker Gruhn (Setanta GmbH) 2007-08-13 26.5
Rainer Rudolf / RDF Familienstiftung 2022-05-10 16.0
Ludwig Fresenius 2017-04-18 5.5
Total Voting Rights 6.520.272

This information is based on reporting to adesso SE in accordance with legal notification requirements or on voluntary reporting. Percentage holdings from 3% in reference to current voting rights are shown. The actual number of shareholder voting rights may deviate from the reported figures due to interim trading that is not subject to reporting requirements or has not been reported.

Voting Rights Announcements


Voting Rights (Mr Jörn Bodemann)

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