Basic Order of the Company

The bylaws of adesso SE define the basic order of our company. Essential contents of the statutes are specified according to the EU regulation and the national laws based on it. In particular, the bylaws specify the following:

  • Company Name, Registered Office and Object of the Company as well as Duration of the Fiscal Year
  • Information on share capital
  • Rights of shareholders and creditors
  • Form of shares and rules for their trading
  • Information on the organs of the European Company and information on the rights and obligations of the Management Board, Supervisory Board and General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Provisions for convening and holding the Annual General Meeting
  • Information on the legal representatives of the SE

In the interest of maximum transparency, the current version of the adesso SE bylaws is available for download here.

Effective bylaws

Here you have the option to download the current adesso SE Articles of Association. (Only available in German)


Bylaws of adesso SE

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