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Services & Solutions

The business of the adesso Group is divided into the segments Services and Solutions. In addition to traditional project business in the form of preparatory and accompanying consulting as well as software development, namely Services, adesso also offers products and solutions with a higher degree of standardisation. These are grouped together in the Solutions business segment.

The portfolio of adesso Solutions offers relief for specific, recurring tasks of an industry or for industry-independent tasks. All adesso Solutions contain the professional knowledge and the project and practical experience of our consultants and developers. They are of interest to a large number of customer companies, can be used productively quickly and facilitate day-to-day business.


Highly individualised consulting and software development

The range of services in the Services business segment includes strategic and technological consulting as well as software development and implementation. The focus is on the definition and implementation of IT-supported business models and business processes and the development of modern applications to optimise the clients' core business. In this context, market access is usually gained through industry-specific technical consulting.

adesso offers the necessary competence and experience to take on complex, often international tasks. adesso also offers software development projects in larger dimensions at a fixed price, thus providing customers with financial security. At the same time, adesso is one of the few providers who are able to serve the entire spectrum of today's IT architectures. Thus, the support ranges from mainframe computers to mobile end devices.

The services in the segment Services are highly individual. However, project handling can generally be divided into four phases, to which corresponding services are assigned: Business Consulting, IT Consulting, Software Development and IT Management.


Efficient product portfolio for industry-specific tasks

Within the project business, there are always tasks that are not customer-specific, but for which the market does not provide any efficient products. For such niches adesso develops solutions and accompanies their further development and distribution from a certain degree of maturity through its own companies.

The flagship of the adesso product portfolio is the in|sure Ecosphere product family for the insurance industry. In addition, solutions for many other core industries are offered by adesso. Industry-independent app development and mobile solutions are offered by adesso mobile solutions. Influencer marketing tools complement the cross-industry offering.

The companies of the adesso Group often benefit from each other symbiotically in the sense of cross-selling, since, for example, services are required for the implementation of a product or, conversely, further process optimisation can be achieved through the use of a product within the scope of a software development project.


The companies of the group

In addition to its role as the holding company of adesso Group, adesso SE is also the largest operating company. In specialized service companies (IT services) and product companies (IT solutions), we organize our expertise as a leading consulting and technology group for the tasks of digitization. By bundling and networking, the adesso Group unfolds its full potential for the tasks of our customers.

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