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Services & Solutions

adesso Group’s business is divided into the services and solutions segments. In addition to the standard project business in the form of preliminary and accompanying consulting services as well as software development – the services – adesso also offers more standardised products and solutions. These are combined in the solutions business area.

The adesso solutions portfolio includes tools for specific, recurring applications within an industry or cross-industry applications. All adesso solutions incorporate the technical knowledge as well as the practical and project experience of our developers and consultants. They are of interest to numerous customers, can be put into productive use quickly and facilitate day-to-day operations.


Highly Individual Consulting and Software Development

The services business area includes both strategic and technology consulting as well as software development and implementation. Focal points include defining and implementing IT-supported business models and business processes as well as developing modern applications to optimise the core business of our customers. Market access usually takes place via industry-specific technical consulting services offered by more than 300 of our own consultants.

adesso offers the required expertise and experience to solve complex and often international problems. adesso also implements large-scale software development projects at fixed prices, in doing so providing financial security to its customers. At the same time, adesso is one of the few suppliers able to service the entire spectrum of modern IT architectures. Our support ranges from mainframe computers to mobile devices.

The services we offer are highly customised. However, projects can generally be divided into four phases with corresponding services: Business consulting, IT consulting, software development and IT management.



Powerful Product Portfolio for Industry-Specific Solutions

Tasks that are not customer-specific yet not catered for by any efficient products available on the market are often covered within the scope of our project business. adesso develops solutions for such niches and, from a certain level of maturity, continuously improves and distributes them through dedicated companies.

in|sure, FirstSpirit and in|MOTION are the flagships of the adesso product portfolio. in | sure is a standard software product family for the insurance industry. FirstSpirit is a cutting-edge enterprise content management system that allows authors and editors to centrally prepare and manage various communication media such as websites and documents. The system is already being used group-wide by numerous renowned customers such as Commerzbank, BOSCH and BASF. In the meantime, the software is also being distributed internationally under the licensing model by dedicated sales companies. The product in|MOTION is used to transform existing web applications and information without major adaptations and to prepare them for various output formats on mobile devices. This quickly makes existing processes available at any desired location. Based on the adesso product, this type of mobilisation was implemented by customers such as E.ON AG, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Skoda and Rabobank Nederland.

In many cases, companies in adesso Group benefit from each other in terms of cross-selling, since services may be required to implement a product or, conversely, the deployment of an additional product may result in further process optimisation as part of a software development project.

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