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Claim and Guiding Principles

Our growth strategy based on strategic principles

Guiding Principles for Successful Business Development

adesso positions itself as a premium IT service provider, offering consulting and software development services for industry-specific business processes. Over 8.500 employees – of which over 1000 are consultants – provide top notch, manufacturer-independent support to customers for promoting business development with efficient IT applications.

adesso pursues a clearly defined, proven growth strategy based on fundamental strategic principles. These principles guide the day-to-day actions of all employees and form the basis for far-reaching strategic decisions.

adesso strategic principles

  • adesso is a premium IT service provider.
  • adesso accesses its market with technical industry expertise and knowledge of industry-specific business processes.
  • adesso is a high-tech company and develops software using the highest technical and methodology standards.
  • As a high-growth company, adesso sustains organic growth equivalent to at least twice the market rate.
  • adesso is an active industry “consolidator” and pursues a defined acquisition strategy.
  • adesso is profitable and generates an operating margin above the market average.

Strategic lines of attack for the successful continuous development of adesso are derived from the following principles

  • Increased penetration within an industry and ongoing market entry into additional segments of an industry. The objective is to gain 50% of the top 25 companies in an industry as adesso customers.
  • Expanding into new industries based on the adesso industry model: Every three years, adesso proceeds with the development of a new core industry. In addition, a new specialised segment is developed every year.
  • Expanding sales in the continuously growing adesso service portfolio, initially to all German-speaking regions.
  • Widening and Internationalisation of the adesso product portfolio.
  • Acquiring profitable, growing IT service providers in order to deepen industry and consulting expertise or enter new regional markets.
  • Prioritising intensive, successful recruitment and a high level of employee retention.

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