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Cleanly delivered (Der Aktionär)

[...] By using adesso products, customers can make important processes more effective. Investors can make their portfolio more profitable with the adesso share. Because if the operating trend continues, the share should now shift into forward gear again after halving in price. Current. Price: € 128.80, Target: € 180.00, Stop: € 90.00.

adesso - Dynamic Growth (Platow Brief)

The IT service provider adesso has achieved a record quarter thanks to intact demand in topics related to digitalisation. [...] After nine months, the Dortmund-based company is on course for the confirmed annual targets in terms of both sales (EUR 653.6m) and EBITDA (EUR 71.4m; margin: 10.9%) [...] We like the broadly diversified end markets. [...] Here, the demand for IT consulting is likely to increase in the coming years. The SDAX share (EUR 129.40; DE000A0Z23Q5) is attractively valued with a 2023 P/E ratio of 20 (long-term average: 23). We are getting back into adesso. Stop at 94.90 euros.

adesso: This is going down well (

[...] On balance, likes the development very much and it shows once again that investors in quality companies - and adesso undoubtedly belongs to this category - can sometimes sit out a price weakness. [...] With a P/E ratio in the region of 23, the valuation is still not particularly cheap, but investors get a lot of value for money with adesso. Assessment: Buy

Only superficial profit decline (Nebenwerte Journal)

[...] The sustained high growth in revenues and earnings combined with a solid financial and asset position therefore always justified a high valuation. At present, the visible but also explainable decline in earnings in the 2022 financial year is likely to have triggered sales, which will probably prove to be a favourable entry opportunity (as always before).

Growth holds (Focus Money)

[...] Analysts expect adesso to continue to deliver better results than its competitors. Recommended on 21/10/2021, recommendation price € 178.80, new stop: € 141.44, target price € 233.00.

adesso is worth a closer look (Platow Börse)

[...] From a fundamental perspective, the expected earnings growth of 19% p.a. until 2024 is strong, as is the return on invested capital (ROIC) of 20% and the debt-free balance sheet. The business model has a promising future, although the current environment could be stressed, which is already reflected in the outlook. Investors with foresight should buy adesso. Stop at 129.75 euros.

Tip of the week: adesso (Capital Online)

The share of the software company adesso has bucked the downward trend of tech stocks. Thanks to its strong growth, the profitable company has now even managed to move up into the SDAX. [...] The share, which is no longer too cheaply valued, is suitable as a portfolio addition. Stop price: € 175.00.

Holding positions (Effecten Spiegel)

[...] After partial profit-taking notices in the meantime, one remains on board with the remaining holding in adesso (cf. among others 90/20 price: 59.60, current 221.50; +272 %).

This is what happened to 1,000 euros (Der Aktionär)

[...] Anyone who invested around 1,000 euros in 2003 - after the dotcom bubble burst - now owns assets of 49,110 euros, with reinvested dividends.

adesso joins the DAX family (Der Platow Brief)

[...] the IT service provider is admitted to the SDAX. It has certainly earned this [...] According to initial figures, Adesso is likely to have exceeded its targets for the 2021 financial year. Turnover rose to EUR 677 million (+29%; target: over EUR 630 million), EBIT reached EUR 84 million (+39%; target: EUR 77 million), with a margin of 12.4%. This should remain stable in the coming years. The share price is also stable in the current war-driven environment. This convinces us despite a rather high 2023 P/E of 27. adesso therefore remains a buy. Stop: 140.00 euros.

Tops & Flops (Der Aktionärsbrief)

[...] We expect the momentum to continue. Still promising.

Correction as an opportunity (Börse Online)

The Dortmund-based IT service provider adesso is maintaining its growth course and will also have closed 2021 with record earnings. The correction of the share opens up a new leverage opportunity for investors. [...] Conclusion: The medium-term upward trend has been broken, but the support at 160 euros held. There are signs of a bottoming out.

Value stocks 2022: List of exciting stocks incl. ETF (Germany + worldwide) (Computer Bild)

[...] Currently (as of January 2022) there are 21 stocks in the portfolio. The top 5 performers in the index [Value Stars Germany Index] are: adesso (IT service provider), [...]

These are the secret winners of digitalisation (The Motley Fool)

Interesting IT service providers: So the market for IT services is already huge today and getting bigger [...] Most of these companies are not listed. However, we as private investors can still participate in some IT service providers. The listed spectrum ranges from huge corporations [...] to comparatively smaller providers like adesso [...].

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