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Platow Funds in January - Choppy Start to the Year (Platow Börse).

[...] A look at the portfolio shows that we are not dependent on a specific value or growth exposure. Already in the very successful year 2021 (number 1 in many return rankings), Value [...] and Growth (e.g. adesso [...]) were unitedly next to each other in the list of the portfolio stocks with the highest returns [...].

Value stocks 2022: List of exciting stocks incl. ETF (Germany + worldwide) (Computer Bild)

[...] Currently (as of January 2022) there are 21 stocks in the portfolio. The top 5 performers in the index [Value Stars Germany Index] are: adesso (IT service provider), [...]

These are the secret winners of digitization (The Motley Fool)

Interesting IT service providers: So the market for IT services is already huge today and getting bigger [...] Most of these companies are not listed. However, we can still participate in some IT service providers as private investors. The listed spectrum ranges from huge corporations [...] to comparatively smaller providers like adesso [...].

adesso has had a dynamic year of growth (Zürcher Trends /

[...] IT services provider adesso has since digested the capital increase in October well, with a forecast hike helping the stock to a new all-time high. Following new operational growth steps and acquisitions, the stock is consolidating its respectable price gains. However, short-term corrections should not surprise anyone precisely because of this...

adesso: On Record Course (Focus Money)

The quarterly figures of adesso were a bang for the buck: The IT service provider increased its sales by 26 percent from the beginning of July to the end of September to a record value of 173.8 million euros. [...] From a chart perspective, the upward trend is intact. Price target/stop price: €244.00/162.80, risk: 3/5, upside potential: 32%.

adesso feels the price pressure (Der Platow Brief)

[...] However, this requires qualified personnel, which is becoming increasingly expensive. [...] In order to cope with the high demand, adesso temporarily resorts to freelancers and tries to deploy cheaper (not less qualified!) personnel from Turkey in this country as well. Newcomers take advantage of the share price setback (€192.00 [...]), which is attractive with a 2023 P/E ratio of 27. adesso remains a buy. Stop: € 140.00.

Sell Positions / adesso raises outlook; (B+) (Effecten Spiegel).

[...] Although adesso (cf. 09/20: short 59.60, current 206.00; +246%) continues to convince across the board, much is already priced into the price. Accordingly, the high prices should be used for partial profit-taking. Price potential: excellent.

Buy / High expansion rate (Börse Online)

[...] In their outlook for 2022, the experts from the industry association bitkom hold out the prospect of continued strong growth in the software and IT services segments, which are particularly relevant for adesso. This should give the share further impetus after it had put on the brakes for a short time in the course of the capital increase. On a positive note, adesso insiders have provided proof of confidence in recent days by buying heavily. Target price: € 222.00, stop price: € 148.50.

Expert opinion: Markus Hermann, Loys AG: "The new German stock wave - profit from Germany's weakness!" (Börsen Radio Network)

[...] how do you get this transformation done? These are shares such as Adesso [...], for example, these companies profit from a weakness of Germany, precisely digitalization, where Germany is still extremely behind.

adesso: Everyone wants to go digital (Nebenwerte Journal)

[...] Those who find the current valuation too high should be reminded that this has actually always been the case and that the abandonment of commitments has never been justified. Purchases, on the other hand, would always have been worthwhile. With the small number of shares available, there are always downturns with opportunities to enter; selling for purely fundamental reasons has so far always proved premature for long-term shareholders.

adesso: Trend remains intact (Euro am Sonntag)

[...] Therefore, it seems likely that the Executive Board will increase the targets for sales and earnings, as the business has also developed positively at the beginning of the second half of the year. This should give the share sufficient momentum so that the chart trend remains intact. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, go for the Factor Certificate Long, which doubles the movement of the underlying.

It doesn't always have to be GAFAM: Tech made in Germany (AnlegerPlu)

[…] With an estimated 2022 P/E of 29.3 and a 2023 P/E of just under 25, the stock is also still attractively valued in comparison. […]

German champions: megatrends drive share prices (Welt am Sonntag)

[...] Here in Germany, too, there are shares that are multiplying on the stock market. Eleven top stocks known for high returns and security. [adesso on rank 8 with 2101 % performance since 10 years].

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