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adesso: Short notated small (Nebenwerte Journal Extra)

For two years, the price has been moving sideways between 50 and 60 euros, despite all the fundamental progress made. [...] Before the publication of the 2018 numbers on 29.03. let the news of the planned increase in the dividend to 0.45 (0.40) euros per share close to a good financial year. The outlook should be decisive for the short-term price development.

adesso: Hot stock of the week: The time ist ripe (Der Aktionär)

[...] If the Management Board can convert the currently prevailing positive mood into further increasing sales and sustainably increase the margin, nothing stands in the way of a resumption of the upward trend. In addition to the favorable valuation, the very likely surpassing of the 2018 forecast and the medium to long-term conclusion in the | sure sector, lucrative takeovers and successful internationalization should provide the necessary impulses in the short term. Target: 72.50 €, stop: 42.00 €.


[...] Since the end of the year, paper recovered again and gained almost 10%. For a re-entry, however, it is too early in our opinion. Therefore wait for adesso first.


As in NJ 7/18 after participation in the AGM of Adesso AG as well as after the 9M numbers 2018, we do not have to compromise our positive assessment. [...] On the stock market, however, the price development stagnates and leads to the realization that it was probably too fast in the jump two years ago and then air was released. In the meantime, however, the valuation is in a region that is significantly below the profit growth and provides the share with clear recovery potential in normal times.

adesso - boosting new markets (Focus Money)

[...] adesso has big plans. The Dortmund IT company is not only aiming for new industries, but also for greater internationalization. Recently, large orders for the automation of document processing in the healthcare sector brought significant growth. And the recent cooperation with Swiss Rail is also likely to delight investors [...]. Empf. On 2.11.2016, issue 45/2016, Empf.-Kurs 39.10 €, course cur. 51,50 €, +/- in%: +31,71, New Stop: 41,20 €.

MARATHON shares: Six titles running the field / buy (Börse Online)

[...] Analysts see earnings per share from 2017 to 2022 rise from € 1.79 to € 5.07. If adesso fulfills these targets, the status of a marathon AG would certainly be safeguarded in the future as well.
Target: 70.00 €, stop: 48.00 €.

adesso expects a strong year (Die Vorstandswoche)

Vorstandswoche's old favorite adesso has developed splendidly. [...] We advise the stock to stay invested. Uninvested investors are waiting for a weak trading day to buy the stock slightly cheaper. The growth story is fully intact!

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