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The milestones of adesso SE at a glance

Milestones of company development

Over 25 years after its foundation, adesso is still one of the fastest-growing large IT companies in Europe. The company's future development should continue to be characterized by above-average organic growth rates. The targeted acquisition policy will be continued. We consider the following milestones worth mentioning in the growth story to date:

  • Acquisition of WebScience Srl. and change of name to the Italian national company of adesso
  • adesso founds a national company in the United Kingdom
  • adesso opens first offshore location in India
  • Further internationalisation by founding adesso national companies in Sweden, Denmark and Romania
  • adesso takes over quadox AG (merged into adesso SE in 2022) and becomes one of the top 5 SAP analytics market leaders
  • adesso is promoted to the SDAX
  • Further internationalisation with the foundation of adesso’s foreign subsidiary in Finland
  • Strategic focusing of the business as an industry-specific IT service and product provider via the sale of the e-Spirit Group
  • Positioning as a product provider for the manufacturing industry with the foundation of adesso manufacturing industry solutions GmbH
  • Number of employees increases to over 5,000
  • Turnover exceeds €500 million
  • adesso becomes the new core banking system provider for the German-speaking market (joint venture with Asseco Poland S.A.)
  • Strengthening of the SAP portfolio via the acquisition of QUANTO AG (now: adesso orange AG) and the integration of the Solbicon AG and opening of a new location in Walldorf
  • Further internationalisation with the foundation of adesso foreign subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Hungary
  • adesso records highest quarterly licence sales ever (over €9 million) with the in|sure Ecosphere product family for the insurance industry
  • Acquisition of management systems GmbH (now: adesso health solutions GmbH) and positioning as a product provider in the healthcare sector
  • adesso is Germany’s largest SME IT consulting and system integration company in Germany (ranked #1 in the 2020 Lünendonk list)
  • Conversion to a European stock company (Societas Europaea/SE)
  • adesso is once again named Best Employer in ICT among large companies
  • adesso establishes foreign subsidiaries in Spain and Bulgaria
  • Largest single order to date in the growing business with SmartShore services (order volume of approx. €2.5 million)
  • adesso celebrates 20-year anniversary
  • adesso acquires UnitCon GmbH to strategically strengthen its subsidiary ARITHNEA in the area of SAP Customer Engagement, Business Analytics and HANA
  • adesso receives a major order worth around €21 million for the development of a new software system in the healthcare sector
  • adesso generates more than €300 million in sales for the first time
  • adesso AG acquires Smarthouse Media GmbH to complement the existing banking portfolio and exponentially expands the customer base of this core industry (merged with adesso SE in 2020)
  • For the first time ever, adesso reaches 1st place in Great Place to Work among companies with more than 1,000 employees, making it the best employer in Germany in the ICT sector
  • adesso bundles its own portfolio around the product family in|sure Ecosphere by establishing adesso insurance solutions GmbH
  • adesso begins regional expansion by adding four additional locations in Germany
  • Number of employees increases to over 2,000
  • adesso increases its stake in PSLife GmbH to 100 per cent and continues to position itself as a software solutions provider for the insurance industry
  • In Switzerland, adesso makes the largest acquisition in company history by completely acquiring Born Informatik AG that has over 120 employees (merged into adesso Schweiz AG).
  • For the first time, adesso utilises its self-developed solution for the structuring and automated evaluation of claims reporting (HCM) to assume responsibility of a complete technical core process on behalf of the customer.
  • adesso wins a major project for the development and introduction of a new application landscape for the INTER Insurance Group
  • Decision to expand the existing PSLife solution for life insurance into a modern product suite for the entire insurance industry (in|sure Ecoshere)
  • adesso hosting services GmbH (now: adesso as a service GmbH) and adesso Transformer GmbH start business operations
  • adesso expands into Turkey and establishes another foreign subsidiary, which is based in Istanbul
  • Winner of the Germany’s Best Employers award for the third time (entered three times; won three times)
  • Majority acquisition of the eBusiness specialist ARITHNEA GmbH that has over 100 employees and €10 million in sales (2020 merged with adesso SE)
  • Number of employees increases to over 1,000
  • adesso generates more than €100 million in sales for the first time
  • Beginning of the strategic boosting of the product business through targeted investments
  • Second-time winner of the Germany’s Best Employers award yet again
  • First distribution of a dividend
  • Entry into the Austrian market through acquisitions and the establishment of adesso Austria GmbH
  • adesso is among the 20 largest IT consulting and system integration companies in Germany (ranked 18 according to the 2010 Lünendonk list)
  • Winner of the Top Job award as a top employer
  • adesso AG reports one of the highest single-project order volumes in the company’s history at around €5 million
  • Number of employees increases to over 500
  • Reverse IPO via merger with BOV AG
  • Acquisition of SITGATE AG (merged with adesso AG in 2010) to expand the consulting portfolio in the field of IT management
  • adesso expands adding new locations in Switzerland
  • Increasing internationalisation in the project business via orders from Russia, Spain and Luxembourg
  • adesso celebrates 10-year anniversary
  • Strengthening of the Healthcare division via majority acquisition of gadiv GmbH (merged with adesso SE in 2020)
  • First-time winner of the Germany’s Best Employers award
  • Number of employees increases to over 200
  • Conversion of adesso to a stock corporation
  • Number of employees increases to over 100
  • First project in the lottery industry
  • Entry into the product business by founding the companies that operate today under the names e-Spirit AG and adesso mobile solutions GmbH
  • First project in the insurance industry
  • Company founding as adesso Beratungsgesellschaft für Software-Prozeß-Management mbH in Dortmund, Germany

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