Hannover Rückversicherung

Reinsurance Portal – Increasing Quality in Service and Decreasing Process Costs

In the project „Personal Accident Online“ adesso implemented and designed a portal solution for the Hannover Rückversicherung AG, which provides efficient functionalities for different technical segments within the facultative business processes for brokers, underwriters and professional experts. A major goal of the platform is to ease and to accelerate the complex reinsurance processes by means of more transparency for all persons involved. Quality in service will increase by that and finally, process costs will decrease significantly. The first implementation on the basis of this portal focusses on disability and life reinsurances for German soccer players of the German Soccer League.

“In the past we often worked with offshore-providers and we were not satisfied with the results many times. Thus, we even more looked critically at the approach of a German company. With professional expertise, adesso was able to scrutinize many aspects and to present alternatives. Direct communication is irreplaceable in working with business critical applications. Maybe that makes the difference...”

Jürgen Petzold , Senior E-business Coordinator

By allocating a rapid and convenient communication channel on the platforms reCover (Extranet) and disCover (Intranet) without any client installation, the new system has the potential to increase scope and quality of the reinsurance business and moreover, to raise the attractiveness of Hannover Rück in this segment. In addition, more contracts can be processed. adesso has conducted the project in close cooperation with the staff of the „Chair of Applied Telematics/E-business“ of the University of Leipzig, who played a part particularly in the initial stages of the project, i.e. in business assessment , process landscaping and business strategy . Due to our experience in the field of complex reinsurance processes, adesso could add necessary business knowledge and then start the implementation of the solution.

With a workflow-based solution an efficient visualization of the complex processes for the negotiation and processing of facultative risk sharing for all the different user groups (e.g. brokers underwriters, professional experts, administrators) are to be offered. The advantage is a structured exchange of data relevant for contracts via Intranet and Extranet. The reCover platform should simplify the generation, change or renewal of offers via Extranet for brokers. For the evaluation of different injuries of the soccer players the Personal-Accident-Software should also have a graphical functionality for the classification in detailed injury groups considering different body zones. The disCover platform manages the processing of contracts by the reinsurer via Intranet and the estimation of individual risks by professional experts, medical doctors in this case. Thus, the productivity in the underwriting process could be significantly increased by rapid, pre-filtered and pre-estimated information to the offered risk sharings and by a quick data exchange with the broker. Besides the professional requirements, data security and performance were in focus from the very beginning.

To prepare the integration setting, adesso reviewed the IT landscape of Hannover Rück. The new functional components should fit optimally into the existing architecture and use the existing Oracle data bases efficiently.

Open source components should be used whereever possible. JBoss, for example, was seletcted as application server. To protect the software and source code developed within the project, only open source components of the Lesser GNU Public License Category (LGPL) were selected. So the software parts based on these components must not have been revealed.

The complete architecture is focussed on a high level of re-usability of most components in similar professional contexts. Whereas components like user management, authentication concept, workflows, Excel-exports, reporting and messaging within the portal show a high degree of re-usability, new applications only require the adaption of the professional parts. Hannover Rück as well as adesso benefit from this approach: „Property Damage Australia“ is already a new project on the basis of reCover/disCover that adesso realizes for Hannover Rück. PDA is an application that handles the reinsurance processes of property (e.g. buildings, premises, etc.) in Australia. And the go-live is already scheduled.

The idea behind re-usability is not only to save time and money. The primary objective is a corporate look & feel, i.e. an international and companywide standardization of controls and workflows and by this, the acceleration and increase in quality of all business processes for the parties involved.


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