Press Review

Selected Publications on the adesso Group

This selection of publications from various sources of trade press, daily press and business media reflects our development and outward representation. Although the PDF documents of the review articles are only available in German, we do not want to miss the opportunity to briefly present you the published topics about adesso.

adesso takes part in Continuous Lifecycle conference (2013-11-04)

Actively design IT projects ()

SharePoint and audit compliance

Behörden Spiegel (November)

Performancetools by Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate (2013-11-01)

business. people. technology.

careerstep (November 2013)

The best in scaling

Java Magazin (November 2013)

SEPA: deceptive calm (2013-10-25)

Internships for computer scientists: Quick start into working life (2013-10-24)

Spring Boot (2013-10-14)

The Product Owner as a requirements engineer

Entwickler Magazin (2013-10-09)

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