VfB Stuttgart Ranges Top Even with regard to Mobile Internet

Right to the start of the German Soccer League season 2008/2009 the VfB Stuttgart launches a mobile portal. This portal extends the club’s service offer for fans. They can read up on latest news about their club and the team when being out on the go. The information can be recalled easily by web-compatible mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs.

The mobile portal mobil.vfb.de has been developed in collaboration with adesso mobile solutions GmbH from Dortmund. The mobile web site of VfB Stuttgart is available right to the start of the new season. Beside the news topics, information on the team, a current ranking table and upcoming dates can be accessed.

The homepage provides the latest headlines around the club. Users, who missed important news, have the possibility to look up the last sixty messages in order to catch up on the latest developments in the club.

The area „Team“ provides detailed information on the squad. A short vita of all players is available from the goal-keeper or the defense player to the centre and the goal getter. The information provided is personal data, a portrait photo and a CV of sportive achievements.

It is compulsory for any member of the German Soccer League to provide a current ranking table. Interested users can not only have the ranking displayed but also other criteria like the number of victories or the score rate.

Access to upcoming dates around the team is provided at the menu item „Termine“. Fans are kept up to date on kick-off dates, UEFA Cup, League Championship, cup and test matches as well as on training times and players’ birthdays.

"We want to provide our fans as much information as possible in all possible ways. The mobile channel is the medium of the future“, states Oliver Schraft, director of media and communications at VfB Stuttgart 1893 e.V.


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