R+V legal protection insurance to use electronic legal dealings platform drebis

Dortmund, 19 March 2012 R+V legal protection insurance has decided to use adesso’s drebis platform. This will permit the insurer to manage administration of claims and communication with lawyers more efficiently.

drebis, a software platform developed and operated by IT service provider adesso AG, has since 2010 become a standard solution for handling claims – particularly for issuing cover notes and drawing up claims settlements. Today, almost all large insurance companies and more than 8,000 law firms use drebis to exchange standardised and structured data while processing claims, without having to switch between media. R+V legal protection insurance will use drebis to streamline business processes related to claims processing. Claims notifications via drebis can be processed within two days.

R+V has signed off on a long-term user contract with adesso. The most im-portant reasons for R+V’s decision were:

  • drebis is integrated into the most powerful legal practice administration tools. Lawyers and legal assistants can easily use the platform at their firms.
  • Because a large number of legal expenses insurers use the platform, law firms can automate a large proportion of the claims notification and settlement processes they receive.
  • Unlike email-oriented solutions, drebis only transfers data in a structured format. This means that insurers can automate the subsequent processing of information, leading to faster processing and fewer media switches.
  • Law firms using drebis to manage communication with participating insurance firms can rest assured that they will receive clearly defined services. Among these: no follow-up questions in most instances following submission of completed coverage inquiries, and processing of notes of fees and advance payment invoices submitted via drebis within two working days.
  • Thanks to adesso’s regular, intensive co-operation with participating insurance companies, drebis boasts a high degree of specialist and technological maturity.

“With R+V on board, almost all major legal expenses insurers now use our drebis platform, making it a heavyweight in the marketplace”, explained Oliver von Ameln, drebis project manager at adesso in Dortmund. “For lawyers, that’s a huge advantage: they know that they can process the bulk of their claims in a standardised manner using drebis. That means that procedures will run more efficiently, and insurance holders will be informed in a much more rapid way about insurance coverage.”


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