adesso expands IT services in the business of banking and finance

Comprehensive portfolio including portal solutions and linking and migration of host systems

Dortmund, 10 July 2008 – The adesso AG expands its service offers for financial service providers. The company reacts to an increasing demand in the segment of finance for providers that are able to provide professional as well as technical support in implementing company critical requirements. adesso focuses on the fields of customer portals, e-banking, sales support as well as payments and securities business. In order to meet the new assignments, adesso enlisted Mark Lohweber, an expert for finance IT, who is responsible for the strategic coordination and allocation of all activities in this segment.

The adesso AG can already show numerous successfully realized major projects, which cover the scope of mobile banking as well as the implementation of regulatory standards in host systems. In the course of upcoming changes in fiscal law, e.g. the reorganization of capital gains taxes or the introduction of home annuity („Wohn-Riester“), banks request increasingly for services in process modelling and in the development of corresponding host systems. “Our reference in the insurance sector as a reliable partner for sales supporting applications helps us to gain good ground as experts in financial sales as well,” comments Michael Kenfenheuer, head of Consulting and Sales at adesso. “Our specialized finance IT division possesses sufficient professional knowledge to support the financial sector in the transformation of national as well as EU standards.”

Due to specialized subsidiaries, adesso is able to respond to sector specific requirements in mobile Internet or Enterprise Conent Management, besides its core business of IT consulting and development.

adesso’s customers in the financial sector are i.a. AWD, Commerzbank, Cortal Consors, Credit Suisse, DWS, HSBC Trinkaus, Postbank and Jung, DMS & Cie.


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