Ad hoc Announcements

Disclosure according to Article 17 MAR

2005-09-27 ,13:00

Full placement of the BOV AG capital increase

BOV AG has placed all of the 981,000 shares from the capital increase announced in an ad-hoc release dated 17 June 2005 at a price of EUR 1.10 per share and has closed the transaction early.


2005-07-29 ,12:59

BOV AG Publishes Figures for the First Half Year of 2005

BOV AG with a profitable first half year 2005 above expecations

According to the preliminary figures BOV AG has continued the successful development in the first six months of 2005. Both first and second quarter proved to be profitable. The total output in the amount of EUR 7,702 thousands (last year EUR 8,927 thousands) leads to an EBT in the amount of EUR 371 thousands (last year loss of -EUR 2,914 thousands).


2005-06-17 ,12:58

BOV AG with planned capital increase for cash

The BOV AG Executive Board has signed a resolution for a capital increase for cash to the amount of up to 981,000 shares using the authorized capital decided upon the annual shareholder meeting on 18 May 2005.


2005-05-18 ,12:57

BOV AG reports profitabel 1st quarter 2005

BOV AG was able to consolidate the turn-around and closes the 1st quarter 2005 at a total output to the amount of EUR 3.9 million (previous year EUR 5.4 million) with a positive profit before tax (EBT) of EUR 158 thousand.


2005-05-04 ,12:54

BOV AG publishes its figures for the 2004 fiscal year

BOV AG managed to further improve earnings despite a fall in total ouput of 9% to EUR 17,805 thousand in 2004. In this way, the earnings before depreciation, amortization, interest and tax (EBITDA) improved from EUR -3,412 thousand in 2003 to EUR -966 thousand in 2004.



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