Ad hoc Announcements

Disclosure according to Article 17 MAR


BOV AG with changes within the managing board

Christoph Junge (35) has been appointed as a new member of the managing board of BOV group as at May 1st 2005. Holding degrees in engineering and business administration, he signs responsible for finance, adminstration and parts of the operating business.



BOV AG reports several significant orders

The BOV AG reports the input of further large orders. Swiss Life, the Swiss market leader for precaution solutions and life insurances with over 10.000 coworkers, signed orders for projects with a volume of 1.4 millions SFR.



BOV AG reports positive 4th Quarter 2004 and another major contract

BOV AG closes the 4th quarter 2004 according to the preliminary figures as estimated with a positive EBITDA in the amount of EUR 547 thousand and a profit before tax of EUR 278 thousand. Total output has been increased the third consecutive quarter to the amount of EUR 4,960 thousand.



BOV AG realizes extraordinary Income of Euro 625,000

BOV Aktiengesellschaft realizes an extraordinary income at a value of Euro 625,000, which is at the same time fully liquidity effective.



BOV AG with second successful placement of capital increase for cash

By resolution of the Executive Board and approval of the Supervisory Board BOV AG successfully placed a capital increase for cash with an investor through the issuance of 890,000 shares under exclusion of subscription rights.



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