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We compiled all important documents in our IR folder, available as zip-file. It contains our obligatory published documents of the previous 12 months, the consolidated financial statement 2014 and the consolidated financial statement of the half-year 2014 provided in Ecxel tables, the current version of our IR company presentation and our bylaws. Some of these documents are only available in German.

IR Folder
 (ZIP, 9 MB)

You can also download single documents from the folder in portable document format:

Financial Reports

Interim Report for the 3rd Quarter 2015 [EN]
PDF (94 KB)

Half-year Report 2015 [EN]
PDF (1 MB)

Interim Report for the 1st Quarter 2015 [EN]
PDF (96 KB)

Annual Report 2014 [EN]
PDF (5 MB)

Single Accounts, adesso AG (HGB)
PDF (1 MB)

Further Documents

Financial Year Figures 2007 - Q3/2015 [EN]
 (XLSX, 19 KB)

Consolidated Income Figures (2007 - Q3/2015) [EN]
 (XLSX, 18 KB)

Consolidated Interim Statement 6M 2015 [EN]
 (XLSX, 24 KB)

Consolidated Financial Statement 2014 [EN]
 (XLSX, 24 KB)

IR Presentation (dated November 2015) [EN]
PDF (1 MB)

PDF (189 KB)

Current Bylaws
PDF (102 KB)

Finance events

2016-02-17 // Small & Mid Cap Conference of ODDO SEYDLER BANK AG, Frankfurt/Main

2016-03-24 // Publication of the 2015 annual report, financial press / analyst conference, Dortmund

2016-04-21 // 11 FCF Family-to-Family Day of the FCF Fox Corporate Finance GmbH, Munich

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