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We compiled all important documents in our IR folder, available as zip-file. It contains our obligatory published documents of the previous 12 months, the consolidated financial statement and the consolidated financial statement of the half-year provided in Excel tables, the current version of our IR company presentation and our bylaws. Some of these documents are only available in German.

IR Folder
 (ZIP, 11 MB)

You can also download single documents from the folder in portable document format:

Financial Reports

Interim Report for the 3rd Quarter 2016 [EN]
PDF (93 KB)

Half-year Report 2016 [EN]
PDF (1 MB)

Interim Report for the 1st Quarter 2016 [EN]
PDF (100 KB)

Annual Report 2015 [EN]
PDF (4 MB)

Single Accounts 2015, adesso AG (HGB)
PDF (2 MB)

Further Documents

Financial Year Figures 2007 - Q3/2016 [EN]
 (XLSX, 20 KB)

Consolidated Income Figures (2007 - Q3/2016) [EN]
 (XLSX, 19 KB)

Consolidated Interim Statement 6M 2016 [EN]
 (XLSX, 24 KB)

Consolidated Financial Statement 2015 [EN]
 (XLSX, 24 KB)

IR Presentation (dated November 2016)
PDF (1 MB)

Current Bylaws
PDF (606 KB)

Finance events

2016-12-13 // Prior Börse capital market conference, Egelsbach bei Frankfurt/Main

2017-01-05-06 // 20. ODDO Forum, Lyon

More events