Important Appointments in 2017

Date Event
2017-01-05-06 20. ODDO Forum, Lyon
2017-02-16 11th German Conference der ODDO SEYDLER BANK AG, Frankfurt/Main
2017-04-21 Financial press / analyst conference, Dortmund
2017-04-21 Publication of the 2016 annual report, financial press / analyst conference, Dortmund
2017-05-09 8th DVFA Spring Conference, Frankfurt/Main
2017-05-18 Warburg Highlights 2017, Hamburg
2017-05-30 Regular ASM, Dortmund
2017-09-15 Publication of the 2017 half-year figures
2017-11-27-29 Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum/One-on-Ones, Frankfurt/Main


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