Equity Story

With its proven growth strategy and position as a premium service provider, adesso has quickly advanced to become one of the top IT service providers in Germany.

adesso aims to expand at least twice as fast as the market’s average growth rate and to generate an above-average operating margin. This is how the company plans to develop into one of the leading IT consulting companies for industry-specific business processes in Central Europe.

The comprehensive industry knowledge of more than 600 consultants and more than 2,600 employees as well as the market access created by their technical expertise forms the foundation. adesso offers manufacturer-independent consulting and custom software development services to its customers to provide the best possible support for developing their business.

To strengthen all-encompassing customer relations, adesso is stepping up business with its own products in Germany and abroad. Rising income from licencing and maintenance activities will deliver growing margins for the product-based activities.

Targeted acquisitions allow the company to broaden its activities in the stated core industries as well as develop additional industries and expand into new regions. adesso is currently represented with branches in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey the USA and the UK.

Group Strategy

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