Clear Responsibilities – Joint Accountability

adesso Group is led by an expert management team with clear responsibilities. Nevertheless, the team is jointly accountable for solid financial and strategic business development.

Michael Kenfenheuer, Co-CEO

Michael Kenfenheuer (born in 1958) is a member of the Executive Board and responsible for the Consulting and Sales departments. In the Executive Board of adesso he is furthermore in charge of the adesso shareholdings e-Spirit AG, gadiv GmbH, ARITHNEA GmbH and adesso insurance solutions GmbH. He was appointed as a member of the adesso AG Executive Board for these responsibilities in 2000. With his many years of business management and project management experience, Michael Kenfenheuer is having a major impact on the development and expansion of the company's network of technical and industry experts. He is also responsible for coordinating sales activities.

Dr. Rüdiger Striemer, Co-CEO

Dr. Rüdiger Striemer (born in 1968) is a member of the Executive Board and responsible for the Software Development and Corporate Communications departments. He earned his doctorate in information technology at Berlin Technical University in 1998 and started out as a Business Development Manager at adesso AG in 1999. When he became a member of the adesso Executive Board in 2001, he assumed responsibility for strategic business development and corporate communications. Rüdiger Striemer has also been managing the Software Development department since 2002. Moreover, he oversees the Austrian, the Swiss and the Turkish subsidiaries and other holding companies. He assumed his current role as Co-CEO of adesso AG in January 2011.

Christoph Junge, Member of the Executive Board

Christoph Junge (born in 1970) is a member of the Executive Board and responsible for Finance, Human Resources, Administration and Legal Affairs also Mergers & Acquisition. Before he was appointed as a member of the BOV AG (now adesso AG as the result of a merger) Executive Board in May 2005, he helped shape the company’s business operations as Director of Finance and Company Development.


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