Customers Talk about Us and Our Projects

BITMARCK Unternehmensgruppe

“adesso gives us extensive support in unerringly pushing a complicated project forward by utilizing the innovative approach of the Model Driven Architecture.”

Christoph Herbst, Project Development iskv_21c

Cortal Consors

“Our partner adesso developed convincing results within a very short time: They have not only analysed our actual status well-grounded, but also developed a precise technical concept, which we could realise immediately. With this, we reduced our administration efforts tremendously, we accelerated our consulting processes to an average of 30% and we are able to serve our customers more accurately. We feel well prepared for further growth now.”

Michael Bosse, Head of CRM in the Division Consulting Select

Credit Suisse

“adesso realised our requirements for a technical solution within a very short time and with modern web-technologies. The professional collaboration with our funds experts and the quality of the product funds lab convinced us. ”

Ulrich Knopp, Head of the IRE Division

Die Schweizerische Post

“Within a very short time, adesso designed a technical solution, realised it with state-of-the-art technologies and implemented the system in time in close collaboration with the post. The application is highly accepted and satisfies with high performance and availability.”

Claudio Favaro

E-Plus Mobilfunk

“With the assistance of adesso's software architects we were able, during the course of the project assumption, to realise a very important project requirement: the almost immediate adoption of the POSMAN and VISS applications by a supplier, while simultaneously developing a joint vision on the basis of component-based technologies for future development activities in the IDS business unit.”

Sven Hartung, Manager, Sales System Development (IDS)

Gen Re

“adesso's professionals closely examined our project ideas with regard to profits as well as to feasibility in a specified timeframe. With respect to a neat product design and a project selection according to the cost-benefit criteria, their participation proved to be an essential pillar for success. ”

Michael Berzbach, IT Project Manager

Hannover Rückversicherung

“In the past we often worked with offshore-providers and we were not satisfied with the results many times. Thus, we even more looked critically at the approach of a German company. With professional expertise, adesso was able to scrutinize many aspects and to present alternatives. Direct communication is irreplaceable in working with business critical applications. Maybe that makes the difference...”

Jürgen Petzold, Senior E-business Coordinator


“We believe firmly that the mobilisation of the Internet is one of the key Web trends in the coming years. We are promoting timely technical innovation by mobilising www.meineSCHUFA.de to improve customer services. The project was quickly realised with the help of web in|MOTION.”

Manuel Dietz, SCHUFA Department Head Private Customers and Consumer Products


“adesso convinced us all along the line. In designing the specification as well as in realising and operating the Financial Orbiter it was a perfect collaboration due to the high technical competence, the outstanding flexibility and the professionalism of the adesso team. Despite a high pressure of time, all services were provided in the best quality possible.”

Markus Schönbächler, IT Project Manager

Union Investment

“Thanks to the solution architecture proposed by adesso and the company’s extensive experience in undertaking complex portal projects, we were able to have everything in place on time despite the pressure, and we were able to implement everything on a new basis that enables us to undertake further expansion and develop attractive offers for other target groups.”

Anita Eckrich, technical project manager at Union Investment

Zurich Versicherung

“The continuous involvement of the adesso staff guaranteed the project's success.”


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