Press Review

Selected Publications on the adesso Group

This selection of publications from various sources of trade press, daily press and business media reflects our development and outward representation. Although the PDF documents of the review articles are only available in German, we do not want to miss the opportunity to briefly present you the published topics about adesso.

Responsibilities of a software architect (2013-07-01)

WestLotto migrated direct customer platform (2013-07-01)

Migration: automatically convert COBOL to Java (2013-07-01)

DEVK’s car insurance unit switches to adesso’s drebis software platform for hiring law firms and claims communication (2013-07-01)

adesso operates modernization business from Austria (2013-06-28)

Good bye Cobol - hello Java-Code (2013-06-28)

Automated Modernization of Software Systems (2013-06-27)

Mobile Internet in companies (2013-06-26)

Spring XD for Big Data (2013-06-25)

Excellent: The Barmenia Life Checker App (2013-06-25)

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