Ad hoc Announcements

Announcements according to §15 WpHG


BOV publishes Figures for the Second Quarter and the First Half-Year of 2003

BOV Aktiengesellschaft achieved a marked improvement in financial results in the first half of 2003 at a lower level of sales. Sales and financial results in the second quarter remained constant at first quarter levels.



BOV AG has achieved distinct improvements in earnings in the first quarter of 2003 with lower total operating performance.

All operational business units show positive contributions to earnings figures for the first time ever

BOV AG was able to achieve the target revenues forecast in the first quarter of 2003 with a performance of EUR 5.0 million in a persistently weak market environment.



Swiss company IGS increases by EUR 7.6 million the order volume for the major project being implemented by BOV

Following on from the successful conclusion of the overall concept phase, the Swiss company Informatikgesellschaft für Sozialversicherungen GmbH (IGS) has extended the volume of the general contractor contract signed with the BOV Group at the end of 2001 by EUR 7.6 million.



Downward revaluation of asstes and provision for risks for further consolidation measures leave their mark on BOV AGs results for 2002

Balanced EBITDA planned for 2003

At their end of period press conference on March 20, 2003, BOV AG is disclosing the audited figures for the 2002 financial year. As a consequence of the reduced budgets for IT investment available to our customers and the departure from the consolidation of two participating interests as of June 30, 2002, total operating performance fell by EUR 5.8 million to EUR 23.3 million.



BOV AG closes 4th quarter 2002 with a total operating performance of EUR 5.6 million

Amortisation of goodwill and provisions for risks for further restructuring measures as extraordinary expenditure are expected to have their additional effect on earnings for the fourth quarter of 2002 before interest and taxation in the order of magnitude of some EUR 9 million.



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