Ad hoc Announcements

Announcements according to §15 WpHG


Successful first quarter of 2014 for adesso AG

Based on the preliminary figures for the first quarter of 2014, adesso generated sales of EUR 37.8 million and EBITDA of EUR 2.7 million. The operating result rose by EUR 1.2 million year on year. Hence, within the first quarter adesso has already achieved 30% of the operating result forecast for the full year.



adesso AG: Based on preliminary figures, earnings forecast for 2013 will be achieved / Executive Board will propose raising dividend by 17 % to EUR 0.21 per share

Based on preliminary figures for financial year 2013, with sales of EUR 136 million, adesso generated EBITDA of EUR 7.8 million, placing it within the full-year annual operating earnings guidance of EUR 7.5 million to EUR 8.0 million. At EUR 136 million, sales slightly exceeded the forecast. In the fourth quarter, the positive development of business with own solutions and products in particular partially offset the reported expenses resulting from a major project (EUR 0.9 million).



adesso AG: Anticipated losses with a major project

The executive board of adesso AG has decided to enter into customer-demanded negotiations about the premature termination of a contract regarding a major project due to opposing assessments of the status of the project and how to proceed. Although adesso wishes to continue with the project in line with contracts, in the light of the specific circumstances this seems unlikely.



adesso AG: Sales and earnings up year-on-year in the first quarter of 2013

On the basis of the preliminary figures for the first quarter of 2013, adesso AG increased sales revenues by 18 % year-on-year, from EUR 27.4 million to EUR 32.3 million. This was attributable to both Arithnea GmbH, which was only consolidated in the adesso Group from the second quarter 2012, as well as the rise in the volume of the consulting and software development business in Germany. The foundations for this trend were laid in the previous year by significantly increasing the employee headcount.



adesso AG: Further growth in sales in the fourth quarter of 2012 / Preliminary operating earnings of EUR 2.4 million in Q4 and EUR 6.7 million for the full year exceed forecast / Dividend recommendation remains 0.18 € per share despite a yoy decrease in earnings

Based on the preliminary and unaudited figures for the fourth quarter of 2012, adesso closes this period with sales revenues rising further to EUR 32.7 million (Q3: EUR 31.6 million; previous year: EUR 26.9 million). Strong organic growth in the number of employees, especially in the first half of 2012, has laid the basis. Like in the previous quarter license sales for company-produced products remained on a high level. Together with a good capacity utilisation of consultants and developers this led to operating earnings (EBITDA) of EUR 2.4 m (Q3: EUR 2.9 million; previous year: EUR 1.4 million). With sales revenues of EUR 120.5 million for the full year 2012 adesso achieves EUR 6.7 million in EBITDA. Hence the forecast, revised with the preliminary figures for the first half of 2012, is being exceeded significantly. Regarding these figures and pending approval from the supervisory board the executive board recommends a dividend per share of EUR 0.18 as in the previous year.



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